My story “Swimmers” has been restored to the Joyland Vancouver website. The story is accompanied by an editorial note by Vancouver Joyland editor Kevin Chong and a link to my previous post in which I give my account of Joyland’s treatment of my work.

Kevin Chong’s statement that accompanies “Swimmers”: “Editor’s Note: This story was originally posted last spring. It was removed after a personal disagreement online. To be clear, this dispute had nothing to do with the author’s political beliefs, but had to do with the author’s manner of behaviour on a private Facebook page. It is being restored because we don’t want to be accused erroneously of censorship.”

I have made no “erroneous” claims. I continue to ask what “manner of behaviour” — or any issue of personal difference  — could be part of a legitimate editorial policy. It remains unclear why, if Facebook comments were the problem, Kevin Chong did not delete the Facebook comments and chose instead to delete my fiction.

“Swimmers” can once again be read over on Joyland Vancouver.



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